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We’re sure Paradise Looks Like The Villas At Stonehaven

By Victor Baker


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The Villas At Stonehaven

Nestled in the beautiful Trinidad and Tobago, the Villas at Stonehaven are nothing short of incredible, with dreamy French Colonial-style accommodations ready to charm each and every single one of us in just a matter of seconds, surrounded by a lush tropical forest and the blissful shoes of the Caribbean sea.

Getting a room at a luxury resort in Trinidad and Tobago would be probably more than enough for most of us, but the Villas at Stonehaven are in a totally different class. There are 14 gorgeous villas on offer here, at 3,700 square feet each, featuring three lovely bedrooms, an infinity pool, and all the modern luxuries one might need nowadays. Have we mentioned the personal Chef as well?

The Villas At Stonehaven

Boredom is not really an option here, as guests at this spectacular retreat are invited to pass right between the Caribbean Sea and the Bird Sanctuary on their way to the central pavilion, where delicious cocktails and local cuisine await to tease all your pallets. You are also more than welcomed to play a round of golf on the two nearby courses, but you’ll most probably go for snorkeling, fishing, diving, or kayaking, since you’re in this unique location.

And if exploring is your thing, feel free to go out into the rainforest for a guided tour, where rare species of plants, birds and even animals are probably waiting to be discovered. We’ve saved the best for last: guests at the Villas At Stonehaven may also witness the huge leatherback turtles laying their eggs on the beach, a totally unforgettable sight, right?

The Villas At Stonehaven

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