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The VIP Dreamliner Luxury Interior Setup for a Private Boeing 787

By Brody Patterson


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Once you reach jet-aircraft owning status, the only limit as to what you can do to decorate your preferred form of long distance travel is your imagination. VIP Completions, a company specializing in the completion and refurbishment of jet aircraft and superyachts with a very exclusive clientele, has recently designed an interior for a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner for a client who wanted a water-inspired theme. The result is an aircraft which not only has a bedroom, en-suite shower, and cinema room,, but will also be “the world’s first jet to have a bubble wall” which actually changes colors.

The jet, called the VIP Dreamliner, comes with interiors which feature white, black and a series of silver and grey tones which combine with shaped, reflective, and textured material surfaces, playing with light and darkness to great effect. Also adding a little bit of sparkle to the flow are Swarovski crystals.

The standout feature is certainly the bubble wall, which is synced with a smartphone app the owner can use to control the backlit LED lighting, creating the atmosphere he or she prefers. When the lighting is low, lights in the ceiling start glowing and highlight the Swarovski crystals fitted up there, an image intended to resemble to night sky.

No information has been made public regarding the price of this whole setup, but while we’re sure it was very expensive, it was probably a drop in the ocean compared to the $150 million or so one has to pay for a 787 Dreamliner.


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