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Vintage Electric’s Tracker is our new Favorite Bike

By Victor Baker


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Vintage Electric Tracker

The brilliant team at Vintage Electric managed to blend early 20th-century looks with a modern 3,000W electric motor in a ravishing bike that we’ve always wanted, but didn’t even realize it, until now! The California-based manufacturer has managed to hide the bike’s battery pack and electronics within an interesting aluminum V-twin engine-styled battery box, with 52 V lithium-ion batteries promising a cool range of 36 miles on a single charge.

Dubbed as the Tracker, this electric bicycle was built on a lightweight hydro-formed aluminum frame, with a superb vintage look that’s right in pace with today’s design trends. The e-bike also shows off a comfortable leather spring saddle from Brooks, stacked leather handgrips and a set of chunky tires.

Vintage Electric Tracker

According to Vintage Electric the suspension forks are supposedly able to offer a smooth ride, while the rear fender completes the aforementioned retro vibe. Every ride around town will become even more enjoyable and effortless thanks to the 3,000W rear hub electric motor, which can be set in different riding modes – depending on the mood.

The top speed stands at a decent 36 mph, with a regenerative braking system and hydraulic disk brakes working on keeping the rider safe and rest for as long as possible. The standard price of this beauty is $4,995, but it can go all the way up to $6,845, depending on the accessories and upgrades you might want.

Vintage Electric Tracker

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