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Van Perckens Nr.8 Champagne Cooler priced at $726,500

By Adrian Prisca


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In case you haven’t heard this yet, last year, during March, the world’s most expensive bottle of champagne – a Nebuchadnezzar of Armand de Brignac Midas – was bought by an English businessman for a staggering $315,000. It’s a real bargain compared to what we have for you here – a Van Perckens Nr. 8 Champagne Cooler is currently listed for sale at a whopping €550,000, or $726,500 in American money.

The cooler was crafted from no less than 7 kilograms of solid 20-carat gold. The manufacturer has combined crystal, traditional Dutch craftsmanship and precious metals to create a pure and exponentially luxurious piece. There’s also the possibility to round up its price to a staggering $1 million – this means an extra $270,000 worth of diamonds.

The Van Perckens Nr. 8 is aimed to serve 6 people and will be reportedly delivered in a high gloss rosewood case embellished with intricate gilded detailing. The box also features a sliding drawer that houses a pair of signature black gloves and the Van Perckens champagne goblets. The interior of the box is gorgeously lined as well, matching the luxurious taste of the entire package.

There are two additional version available – there is one crafted from a mix of silver and gold plating, priced at €85,000 ($112,280), and the least expensive one, worth €81,000 ($107,000), crafted solely from sterling silver.

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