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The Most Valuable Casino-Disk Ever Made

The casino industry has just been introduced to a record breaking item, the most valuable casino-disk. Gerry Lewy, the designer of this one of a kind item, has rich experience in the field of diamond designing and has practiced his art for the past 53 years. The disk contains an exact number of 64 Naturally fine quality, unique and also rare Pink diamonds.

Lewy claims he only uses the best diamonds that are available and which are of the “VS, Pink” color. He further adds that the rare diamonds takes about five weeks from the date of order to the final setting into the beautiful 22 Karat, Pink-Gold disk. On the edge are situated 17, 1.00 carat exceptional VS, E-F quality diamonds.

However the stones which are set in the disk are only inspected under ‘Natural’ light for best results and not under any artificial illumination. The diamonds are manually inspected to locate any hidden defects. If any minor problems arise while polishing the diamonds at the diamond factory, they are immediately rejected prior to the diamond setting process. Reportedly the disk contains a staggering 136 grams of Pink gold and the disk is entirely fabricated from 22 carat gold.

The estimated value of the beautiful piece is $450,000, which makes it the rightful owner of a Guinness World Records certificate for the world’s most valuable casino chip. While interested customers can buy it exactly as it is, the master jeweler also offers the possibility to customize it with other luxury gems.



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