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The Unique Can-Am Spyder F3 Three-Wheeled Vehicle

By Brody Patterson


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The Can-Am Spyder F3, by Canadian company BRP, is a vehicle which defies classification. The three-wheeled machine is part motorbike, part trike, with a sporty and aggressive, yet stylish look about it.

The Spyder F3’s 1300cc engine packs quite a punch, churning out 115 bhp – every bit of which is needed to propel the vehicle, which tips the scales at 400 kilograms without fuel or driver. There are countless personalization options, meaning all potential customers can own a ride perfectly tailored to their needs and desires. There’s even an exclusive UFit system which allows riders to customize their Spyder F3 with unique peg positions, handlebar options, clothing, and accessories.

For those who want to get caught up in this process and simply hit the road, there are three “standard”, preconfigured versions to choose from: the Touring Escape, Muscle Attitude and Urban Nights.

The Can-Am Spyder F3 comes with a price tag of $19,499.


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