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Unelefante and Chef Jorge Lladeral Turn Chocolate into Works of Art

By Brody Patterson


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Tatiana Sanchez started off as a bespoke jewelry designer almost ten years ago. Back in 2012 she decided to start her own company, which would initially create a wide range of beautiful, unique gifts.

The first product to be released under the brand name was a collection of large, round balloons, which were sent to customers with a personalized card. Then, Sanchez decided she wanted to take the company to another level, so she contacted Chef Jorge Lladeral, one of Mexico foremost chocolatiers. This collaboration resulted in the Pollock, named after the famous American painter known for the abstract nature of his works. The bar is 54% cocoa and hand painted with colored chocolate cocoa butter, in a style reminiscent of Jackson Pollock.

Next, Sanchez and Llanderal created El Jardin Secreto (The Secret Garden), a distinctly feminine 65% cocoa bar, featuring crystallized flower petals, cardamom, as well as pieces of dry apricots and pistachios. Also worth noting is the fact that all of the cocoa used by the company is produced by Luker, a world-famous Colombian brand.

Unelefante, however, is purely Mexican – inspired by the country’s culture and proud of it. It’s chocolate, on the other hand, might just make the perfect gift, wherever you are.



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