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Twistair is the Futuristic Motorcycle of the Skies

By Victor Baker


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Called Twistair, the stunning two-seater tandem gyrocopter concept in front of you seems to have been designed with a minimalist future in mind. But this ultra light aircraft design is all set to be launched in the next couple of years, with a focus on safety and comfort, and available in three interesting options: a naked version with the front window only, a semi-opened model, and a full body version, featuring all the cockpit covered, as pictured above.

Obviously, the opened version will provide the pilot with an exceptional flying experience, although sunglasses are probably recommended for more than one reason with that option. Other than that, time spent aboard this thing will definitely be worth every penny.


Polish-based company 2Sympleks joined forces with Artur Trendak Aviation and, following of countless hours of consultancy with mechanics and test pilots, this thing has been labeled as a 3D driving motorcycle. The Twistair gyrocopter is apparently ready to make its official debut during the first quarter of 2018, with a few prototypes currently under development and ready for the first test flights.

So don’t you worry; by next year, this stylish flying machine could rule the skies and take over your dreams. I’m sorry to say that no pricing info has been talked about, but rest assured it will cost more than your average bus ticket.


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