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To’ak is the Finest, Most Exclusive Chocolate in the World

Chocolate is undoubtedly one of the most popular foods in the world. Most of the people reading this have probably had some in the past week or so; but, unfortunately, in order to meet that demand it has to be mass-produced, which always takes something away from the end product. That’s where To’ak comes in, an exquisite brand of chocolate created by an American and an Austrian living in Ecuador, using the finest traditional methods and ingredients.

The creators of To’ak chocolate (a name which is a combination of ancient Ecuadorian dialects and means “earth” and “tree”) view the making of their product as similar to the making of fine wine, investing the same amount of time and attention into the process. It has taken 2 years to produce fewer than 600 bars, each sold in individual wooden boxes filled with cacao bean husks and numbered by harvest. To remind buyers that chocolate actually comes from a tree and isn’t brewed in a cauldron in some factory, each slab of chocolate also comes with a cacao bean in the middle. Also, the box comes with wooden tweezers, which allow you to pick the piece of chocolate in such a way that the oils from your fingers don’t interfere with the taste.

Just a few hundred bars of To’ak chocolate are left, each 50 gram piece priced at an incredible $260!

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