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Tierra Chiloe Hotel & Spa is in a League of its Own

By Victor Baker


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Tierra Chiloe Hotel

Inspired by the traditional houses in Chile’s Northern Patagonia, built on stilts right over the ocean’s edge, the mesmerizing Tierra Chiloé Hotel & Spa is a place unlike any other. Nestled between picturesque fishing villages, this high end retreat stands out in the best of ways, with a distinct architecture that looks like a magical blend between old Chilean craftsmanship and modern design trends.

Booking a room here might prove to be a real challenge, as this place has only 24 guestrooms on offer, each of them featuring a charming decor, filled with fine woods and interesting little details, plus lavish en-suites with L’occitane amenities.

But you’ll probably want to spend most of your time here outside, and Tierra Chiloé offers many tailored excursions through its beautiful surroudings, including biking, hiking, cultural tours, horseback riding and even boat trips with the hotel’s own boat.

Tierra Chiloe Hotel

Following an adventurous and possibly tiresome day, the newly expanded Uma Spa will try its best to help you achieve the ultimate state of relaxation. Soaking in the Jacuzzi, reading a good book on the cozy deckchairs and simply enjoying those magnificent views will surely make you forget about everyone and everything.

Featuring a heated outdoor pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the hotel’s Uma Spa is dreamy, to say the least.  I, for one, would love a short cruise aboard that vintage boat you see above, enjoying some good snacks and a glass of Chilean wine on the move. I’m full of ideas today and you’are welcomed to contribute.

Tierra Chiloe Hotel

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