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The Volkswagen GTI Crazy Bob Sled is perfect this winter

By Adrian Prisca


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For those of you who want to be stuck at the kid-stage forever, we’ve got something. Volkswagen Accessories revealed the GTI crazy Bob sled, as well as the wooden folding sled for their self-made Lifestyle range of products.

The design of the sled, as its name suggests, is based on the Volkswagen GTI automobile, their high-performance domain, and it’s made from light, high-quality cold-resistant nylon plastic. It boasts a totally ergonomic design, featuring glide runners with included rear and front footrests.

It’s extremely low weight and allows one to carry it wherever he/she wishes, with minimal effort, assisted by the pull rope and a handle. The other newly-released piece is a wooden sled with imprinted VW logos, being able to be folded within any car and carried around.

The prices for these winter babies range from €64,90 for the GTI Crazy Bob to €49,90 for the traditional wooden one. They can be acquired from VW partners worldwide, as well as from their Volkswagen Accessories website.


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