The Vasilicos Has Been Converted Into A Seductive Hotel in Santorini

The Vasilicos

Although originally this charming place was a family home nestled on top of the cliffs in Santorini, the Vasilicos has been transformed a couple of years ago into an astounding all-suite hotel, with stunning views and luxurious amenities that will make any guest’s day a better one.

The proximity to a monastery is irrelevant as the Vasilicos treats everyone who passes through its doors as gods on Earth. Only eight lavish suites are on offer here, each of them benefiting from that lovely and much appreciated Santorini architecture.

Decorated in a minimalist manner, these suites are cool and airy during the day, and boast more levels of luxury than we could probably handle.

The Vasilicos

Dining is an informal experience at the Vasilicos, but something that will surely be stuck in your head forever; there are no restaurants to mention here, but that doesn’t mean that the hotel’s chef, Yannis, isn’t more than capable to meet any and all of the guests’ culinary needs.

When you’re in Santorini and you’re blessed with this of breathtaking views over the Caldera, tasting some delicious dishes from the comforts of your own terrace sounds incredible if you ask us, and that’s exactly what will happen at this amazing hotel.

The Vasilicos also comes with a gorgeous heated pool that will surely transform your evening into a relaxed way of waiting for the sunset. It beats working, right?

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The Vasilicos