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The Ultimate Batman Chess Set is priced at $795

By Adrian Prisca


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Christmas has ended but this doesn’t mean your beloved ones can’t still benefit of exquisite gifts. For example, if you, or any of your friends are really passionate for Batman and such, here’s an exceptional chess set for them. Designed to perfectly resemble the world of Batman, this state of the art chessboard is fully endowed with LED lighting.

The board works by pressing on the Bat symbol and all of a sudden 50 LED lights light up all around the chessboard, providing you with a Gotham City-like experience, alongside sending the Bat-Signal up into the sky. Of course, the pieces are also following the Batman theme, representing many of the characters in the movie – Commissioner Gordon, Penguin, Batman, Robin, Riddler, Catwoman, Joker, Batgirl and many more.

The set is crafted from diecast metal fine pewter, with the pieces measuring between 2 ½ and 5 ½ inches in height. The square shaped board, though, measures a whopping 20 inches in length, on each side. The Batman Collector Chess Set is set to be officially released during this month, priced at $795 per package.

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