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Dom Perignon Kyoto champagne cooler by Marc Newson

By Adrian Prisca


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The name Dom Perignon makes me regret not having celebrated the coming of the New Year with a bottle of genuine champagne in my hands. Never mind this, I still love exquisite sparkling wines as well, but they pale in comparison with such a champagne, let alone when greeting you from a gorgeous cooler.

The Kyoto champagne cooler was designed and manufactured by the Australian designer Marc Newson, in collaboration with Seikado, a brand from Japan, in fact a workshop that was founded back in 1838, in Kyoto. Both the sides of the cooler feature pewter pieces, serving as holders and allowing the neck of the bottle to stand out in a rather elegant way.

The design is actually based on the traditional Japanese fighters, the Samurais. Furthermore, Mr. Newton has reportedly harnessed the traditional metalworking techniques used by Seikado dabs back in the 19th century. In our opinion, the designer has also used a bit of style from Dom Perignon, a style based on classical simplicity, which really pays off in terms of elegance.


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