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The Transition, Terrafugia’s Flying Car on the roads

By Adrian Prisca


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Terrafugia’s Flying Car called The Transition has just received regulatory clearance from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration allowing it to go on any public road. The world’s first flying car, or as its described by the company as a roadable aircraft, will enter production soon and will hit the market somewhere next year according to Terrafugia.

The company also announced that their flying car is the first combined flying-driving vehicle to receive such special consideration from the Department of Service since the vehicle safety standards came into being in the early 70s. The vehicle can now use a polycarbonate windshield instead of regular laminated safety glasses used on regular cars and it could also use special tires to handle the landing.

The Transition will fit in the same segment as SUVs and small trucks according to its weight but it’s tires are rated for highway speed and can take this “SUV” to an impressive speed when it’s ready to take off. The car is expected to enter production next year and, if everything goes well, we might see this toy on the road at the end of 2012.


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