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The top 15 most luxurious homes of rappers

By Noah Miller


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Started from the bottom, now they’re here! Although some rappers claim to have grown up in the streets, today they are famous enough to afford exorbitant homes. With mansions that are all about opulence, similar to the properties owned by Russian oligarchs, these luxurious homes offer probably all the amenities one could think of.

They’re all massive in size and extremely expensive, that’s why it was easier for us to rank them by their value. So here are the 15 most expensive (and most luxurious) homes of the world’s most renowned rappers.

15. Nelly – $1.4 million

Compared to the other rappers’ mansions, this one is cheaper mainly due to its location. Instead of settling in Miami or California, Nelly chose Eureka, Missouri for his residence, that’s why this six acres property was a lot cheaper.  The lavish mansion comes with 9000 square feet of luxurious living area as well as a large swimming pool and its own basketball court, to keep the 40 years old rapper in shape.

14. 50 Cent – $4.5 million

50 Cent purchased this stunning mansion in Connecticut from Mike Tyson back in 2003 and now it seems he can’t get rid of it even though he reduced its selling price to just $4.5 million. The massive home has 52 rooms with a classic design mixed with contemporary tones and comes with its own home theater, club, pool room, gym, indoor and outdoor basketball court, plus its own helipad.

13. Chris “Ludacris” Bridges – $4.8 million

Ludacris bought this house in Los Angeles with more taste and less pump if you compare it with the other mansions. It has a surface of 6000 square feet, five bedrooms and its own infinity pool, taking advantage of the splendid view around the property with wrap-around balconies.

12. Eminem – $4.8 million

One of the most popular rappers on the planet, Eminem took the world by storm his unique style and catchy songs, putting Shady records on the map forever. He bought this house in Oakland County, Michigan, back in 2003 from the CEO of K-Mart and it spreads over 15000 square feet with six bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

11. Rick Ross – $5.8 million

Rick Ross bought this staggering property from the renowned boxer Evander Holyfield for $5.8 million because he couldn’t afford it anymore. The foreclosed mansion in Fayetteville, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta, has no less than 109 rooms. There are 21 bathrooms, 12 bedrooms and an overall surface of 105 acres. There is a bowling alley, home theater, a baseball field, a recording studio, its own guest house and a separate boxing gym. The massive swimming pool should be also mentioned with a volume of 350,000 gallons. There’s even an additional indoor pool for the colder months.

10. Tyga – $6.5 million

Although he is only 25 years old Tyga has already joined the big boys, buying this home in Calabasas, California where he stays with his 17 year old girlfriend Kylie Jenner. Spreading over 9200 square feet, this residence has a movie theater, seven bedrooms, a swimming pool with a waterfall, plus a gym and eight bathrooms.

9. Drake – $7.7 million

Drake bought this house back in 2012 from Larry Pollack, the owner of Saddle Ranch, for $7.7 million and dubbed it as the “High Times at the YOLO Estate”. Located in Hidden Hills, a gated oasis that also hosts celebrities like Ozzy Osbourne or Denise Richards, the house has swimming pools with a grotto, arched wood beams, a hot tub with a fireplace nearby, a built in library, game room, wine cellar and home theater, all designed in an aesthetic that combines organic and rustic features.

8. Lil Wayne – $11.6 million

Lil Wayne still owns this incredible house he bought in 2011 for $11.6 million but legal issues might force him to sell it in the near future. With a surface of 15,101 square feet, nine bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a three bedroom guest house and a master suite with two floors accessed via a glass elevator, the house is certainly opulent, but it might prove to be too much for the rap icon.

7. Pharrell Williams – $12.5 million

Pharrell Williams might be trying to sell his Miami penthouse for a profit, but in the meantime, he still lives here, bringing together all the elements that make Pharrell unique. The waterfront property has 9,080 square feet of living space with five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a home theater and a living area spreading over three levels to connect it to the outdoor kitchen, swimming pool and rooftop terrace.

6. Bryan “Birdman” Williams – $14.5 million

Birdman bought this Miami Beach mansion $14.5 million back in 2010, an estate which resembles a luxury hotel more than a private home. It is located on the Pal Island and has 9 bedrooms, 17 baths and 100 feet of waterfront area in case the swimming pool isn’t enough. The custom bar is ideal for parties and also great for someone who prides himself on wearing at least $1 million a day.

5. Kanye West – $20 million

Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian have recently bought this house in Calabasas, California for no less than $20 million dollars, staying in the same region as some of the other rich rappers. Spreading over 16000 square feet, this incredible estate has eight bedrooms, a game room, two swimming pools and its own vineyard.

4. Will Smith – $20 million

Known today more for his acting career than for his music, Will Smith is estimated to be worth a quarter of a billion dollars right now. The Prince of Bel-Air chose to build his palace in Calabasas, California with Stephen Samuelson as the lead designer, bringing organic forms and handcrafted elements to a stylish and quite unique mansion.

3. Dr. Dre – $40 million

Dr. Dre was the first billionaire making his fortune from rap music and today he spends most of his time between singing, producing or developing technology. He bought this gorgeous house in Brentwood from Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen last year and aside from the opulence of the others it is also completely eco-friendly. It spreads over 18000 square feet with nine bathrooms, five bedrooms, a sauna and even a moat, to keep the unwelcomed parties at bay.

2. Sean Diddy Combs – $40 million

Located in the exclusive area of Holmby Hills in Los Angeles, this massive home was purchased for no less than $40 million by P. Diddy last year, featuring a swimming pool which resembles a lagoon and a grotto leading to a tunnel underwater. It spreads over 17000 square feet and it comes with its own gym, a large wine room as well as a home theater with 35 seats.

1. Jay-Z – $45 million

Jay Z and Beyonce have bid no less than $70 million for a home last year but they were eventually outbid by the creator of Minecraft, Markus Persson. Located in Holmby Hills, their biggest home was built by an Italian developer with seven bedrooms, eight and a half bathrooms, a wine cellar, a catering kitchen, two libraries, a theater and its own tennis court. The house can be rented right now for only $150,000 a month or purchased for a reduced price of just $35.5 million. This is the house they wanted to buy:

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