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The Toncelli Prisma kitchen has a built-in Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Italian designers from Toncelli have come up with a wonderful super smart kitchen called Prisma that’s going to be presented at Eurocucina 2012. Toncelli encompasses an interesting history, being created back in 1961 to emphasize kitchen endowments and designs. In 1988, Lorenzo Toncelli started studying Asian and partly European styles, quickly becoming popular in Shanghai, Taipei, Tel Aviv, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Seoul.

The Prisma kitchen bears a simple, minimal appearance, but it’s endowed with state of the art control and high tech functions than’s to a built in Samsung Galaxy Tab that’s perfectly incorporated in the Italian crafted kitchen.  In terms of composition, the kitchen set includes a tall unit, open elements, a main island unit with interactive table, hanging cupboards, base element and a suspended top.

We’re sure we made you think the design is very complex, but actually it is rather simple, with minimalistic implications, like the contrast between the black glass top and the anodized aluminum finishing, and, even more obvious, between the white and red lacquered panels. An interesting thing about the set is that the handles are invisible, the refrigerator is vertical, like all others, plus it confers a pleasant sensation of cleanness and lightness.

In addition to all these, the design comprises some more interesting ideas, like the sliding chopping board with tablet stand and a whole load of fluidity, proven by the fact that the central island can be moved all around the kitchen. If these aren’t enough, the Samsung Galaxy tab can prove to be a very useful inclusion, from listening to music while cooking to searching for recipes on the web or locking doors.

The ideas and principles brought forward by this company are pretty much astounding, bringing daily high-tech gadgets into kitchens and aiding every activity developed within the same room, from cooking to washing dishes. Toncelli, we want to hear more of you!



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