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The Stylish PRYMA Headphones Deliver The Sound Of Music

By Victor Baker


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PRYMA Headphones

Audiophiles are always looking for the next best thing when it comes to high-quality sound. And Sonus Faber has recently launched a new line of headphones, called PRYMA, which blends high-fi sound with chic Italian styling in the most beautiful way possible. Launched by World of McIntosh, the PRYMA headphones will definitely get you noticed.

There are plenty headphone sets on the market today, some of them even stylish, but when it comes to beauty and style, PRYMA seems to be the first to take inspiration straight out of the catwalk. Made using the same Italian leather as the elegant handbags from Bottega Veneta, with a headband that reminds us of a handbag strap, these gorgeous headphones will be available in four different sizes and five color variations.

PRYMA Headphones
These headphones might be all about their stunning looks, but the audio quality in these things is equally impressive. Sonus Faber is well known for its stereo systems and amplifiers, giving these headphones a warm and rich sound that everyone will surely enjoy.

Already available to purchase, the PRYMA headphones will start from $499 for the standard version, while a Special Carbon Marsala edition is set to cost $549. Each headband features a $75 price-tag, but it’s worth mentioning that the ear cups are not individually available. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

PRYMA Headphones

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