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The stunning Celsius OptiC GMT Furtiff Phone

By Adrian Prisca


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Celsius X VI II is a manufacturer of luxury mobile phones which mixes mechanical innovations and new styles to create eye catching designs. The brand was founded by Edouard Meylan and Thomas Pruvot, whose sole purpose was to venture into unconventional designs and technologies.

To be more precise, Celsius X VI II mainly fuses together high-end mobile communication devices with luxury timepieces. They have unveiled a brand new clamshell model earlier this year, the OptiC GMT Furtiff. It’s the first gadget of their latest collection of contraptions which merge timekeeping techniques with the industry of mobile phones.

In addition to working as a regular phone, the OptiC GMT Furtiff comprises 700 mechanical parts in its 5 grade titanium housing. The cherry on the cake is in fact the date display at the bottom of the flap, which breaks conventional rules. It raises a simple question – how in the world did they manage to put it together without any electronic systems?


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