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The staggering Ducati Diavel Dark

Well, to start this right, I need to revert to some old motorbike knowledge – Ducati is one of the world’s most important, most famous and most historically-gifted motorcycling brands in the world. To be honest, whenever I hear their name, my mind gets immediately bombarded with images of fire, speed, recklessness and adrenaline. And to top it all, here’s the Ducati Diavel Dark, a fantastic proof of motorbiking perfection.

Apart from the name, which generates chills down my spine, it’s the spirit of this two-wheeler and the absolutely mind-boggling black paintjob. Yeah, it’d look gorgeous alongside the Batmobile indeed, but this thing makes the Batmobile look like a mock-up.

The muscular silhouette and the sleek lines make it look futuristic and broad, while the front wheel is so closely knit to the body that it makes me thing its designers were a bit too much in love with their work. The tail is symmetrically short as well, conferring the bike that look of a lion ready to pounce.

In terms of poweeeeeer(!!!), the Ducati Diavel Dark gets propulsion force from a Ducati Testastretta 11o engine delivering 162 HP and 94 lb-ft of torque. The bike is available for purchase, as we speak, at Ducati dealerships worldwide, starting at $17,695.



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