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The Sloop Sailboat Concept Will Conquer the Seven Seas

By Victor Baker


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This stunning 50 meter sailboat concept was designed by Macro Ferrari and Alberto Franchi. Named ‘Sloop’, this cool yacht concept features an innovative reverse bow that will allow its owner to explore the world in utter style and comfort, as the concept offers a much smoother ride than other traditional designs.

The sail boat can easily accommodate eight guests, within three cabins and a spacious owner’s suite. But the floor plan can also be adapted to four guest cabins if ten guests need to be accommodated. At the stern, passengers will find a beach club with a jacuzzi, as well as a double helm station close by, where the best views may be enjoyed.


The Sloop concept will also come with a modern looking deckhouse, constructed out of structured aluminum and glass and incorporating wide windows in the ceiling. The exterior cockpit includes a dining table which allows ten guests to experience to sit back and relax while being protected from the elements.

Also worth mentioning is that the Sloop yacht features a 63-meter mast that allows it to pass through the Panama canal for example, along with a draught of 4.5 meters which enables sailing in the shallow waters of the Bahamas.



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