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The SkyDeck Is All About Stunning In-Flight Views

By Victor Baker


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Windspeed Technologies plans on changing in-flight entertainment offerings with something that looks simple and it’s totally mesmerizing. The SkyDeck is the latest in entertainment for people traveling by plane, a marvelous glass-enclosed teardrop-shaped deck that will offer passengers 360-degree views of the alpine sea. How’s that for incredible?

Luxury airlines might charge passengers on a pay-per-view basis for a place in this exclusive lounge, but I guess nothing can compare with that kind of experience. Windspeed will allow airlines or aircraft makers to choose from several combinations of design features, which can be incorporated into the SkyDeck: an elevator, a staircase, a single- or two-seat platform and so on.


The SkyDeck will be able to handle any load condition, as well as any type of weather and other possible harmful situations, such as birdstrike impact. Built out of the same materials as supersonic fighter jets’ canopies, this deck is going to be the safest place to experience the clouds and their beauty, without actually being on the outside.

To tackle the condensation issue, the company will use a special anti-condensation film on the surface of the canopy, but it’s worth mentioning that a UV-protection coating will be present as well. There’s nothing left to do but buy a ticket and enjoy your flight!


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