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The sexy Ferrari 488 Spider will be a great distraction!

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Ferrari 488 Spider

Ferrari has quietly taken the wraps off the open top version of the 488GTB, the most powerful mid-engined V8 supercar with a retractable hard-top coming from the Italian automaker. The new Ferrari 488 Spider is also the most aerodynamically efficient Ferrari spider ever build, featuring the same rigidity as its fixed roof sibling.

Looking like a topless supermodel, this beauty comes with a folding hard top that’s actually 25 kg lighter than a fabric roof and takes only 14 seconds to operate. The chassis of the 488 Spider has been enforced with eleven different aluminium alloys, mixed together with magnesium and other metals to make this ride 23% stiffer than the 458 Spider for example.

Ferrari 488 Spider

Under the hood, the Ferrari 488 Spider will be powered by the same 3.9L twin turbo V8 engine as the 488GTB, which is able to produce a mind boggling 660 hp that will allow this spider to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph (0-100 km/h) in just 3 seconds and from standstill to 124 mph (200km/h) in 8.7 breathtaking seconds. These are unbelievable numbers for a convertible.

Ferrari 488 Spider

The 488 Spider weights just 50 kg more than the coupe, while being 10 kg lighter than the 458 Spider it replaces, and it comes with a lot of interesting addons for a smooth ride with the top down. For instance, the electric glass acts as a wind stop that can be adjusted to three different position for maximum comfort and it could be even retracted when the roof is on to make you feel that crazy roar of the twin turbo V8 engine right into your bones.

Ferrari 488 Spider

The new Italian supercar is also packed by a ton of high tech systems and electronics, like the special SSC2 Side Slip Angle Control System which Ferrari claims to help this ride accelerate 12% faster than the 458 Spider when it comes out of the corners.

Ferrari will showcase the 488 Spider at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September and if you have the change to get there, it will surely distract you from everything else.

Ferrari 488 Spider

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