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The Orcasub by Spymaster

By Brian Pho


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Whenever there is a positive, the negative is surely found nearby, and so is the story with yachts and submarines. Many rich folk already possess large yachts and all sorts of boats and luxury gigs, but they boast with owning submarines and diving gear? I bet there are few people today enthusiastic about diving, so here’s Spymaster with a one of a kind masterpiece to enhance these numbers.

Of course, this piece is aimed towards millionaires and billionaires, as its price tag is not that affordable by the masses. Dubbed the Orcasub, it can dive in excess of 2,000 feet below the waves and boasts with the ability to accommodate 2 passengers for up to 80 hours due to a life support system especially designed for this purpose.

Harrods’ Technology Showcase 2.0 event, which has taken place recently, has had the Orcasub as its main star. The sub seemed pretty much amazing to many technology enthusiasts that had taken part at the show, as they were able to examine it in detail. Measuring 22 feet in length, it weighs just about 4 metric tons, so it’s quite a heavy piece of equipment. Furthermore, its design is intimately linked to flying machines, that also being the source of the joystick-paddle design.

The Orcasub also sports some modern day technological features like a digital communication system and 60,000 lumen LED lighting, pretty necessary stuff when you find yourself a few thousand feet under the surface, where sun light cannot get. The price for the “regular” Orcasub is $2 million, so only the rich are able to afford such amenity.

But for those would pay as much as $9.32 million for the occasion of diving at great depths, there’s also a version, on offer, which can dive to depths of as much as 6,000 feet. It, of course, comes with all the high-tech features you’d need for such a journey, alongside a few features to make your trip cozy.


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