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The Orbit Plus Turntable Brings Vinyl to Modern Times

By Victor Baker


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Orbit Plus Turntable

Audiophiles, assemble! That used to be a line from one of my childhood’s favorite cartoon series – does anyone else remember the Justice Friends? – but it remains valid in this particular case. The Orbit Plus Turntable aims to remind us all that music used to sound way more enjoyable when it came on vinyl support, which is why the team at U-Turn Audio has imagined this modern reinterpretation of a classic.

Looking clean and stylish from front to bottom, this wonderful Bluetooth turntable will make you forget all about digital music for a while. But this thing is more than just a cool decorative piece, as it packs a fully manual belt drive, as well as an acrylic platter, vibration damping feet, and a 24-volt synchronous motor.

Orbit Plus Turntable

The Orbit Plus Turntable also benefits from an Audio-Technica AT95E phono cartridge, and it’s going to be available in three superb color options – black, blue or green, as depicted in the gallery below. But the brilliant team at U-Turn Audio is supposedly working on more color options, so we might get a few surprises in the near future.

Offering the best of both worlds, along with incredible audio quality, the Orbit Plus Turntable is definitely worth every single penny. How much does it cost? Just $289!

Orbit Plus Turntable

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