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The Norlan Whisky Glass Is A Game-Changer

By Victor Baker


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Norlan Whisky Glass

Global design brand Norlan aims to change the way whisky is enjoyed by introducing a revolutionary glass, which combines modern digital technologies with advanced double-walled glassblowing handcraft, to get this unique shape, which was penned down by Icelandic designer Sruli Recht.

The Norlan Whisky Glass combines the advanced aromatic delivery with the aesthetic virtues of a tumbler. A whisky aficionado himself, Mr. Recht found out that a truly thoughtful design to the unique experience of enjoying fine whisky had not been created, thus revealing the challenge at hand.

Norlan Whisky Glass

The world of whisky is dominated by two distinct types of glassware right now: nosing glasses and classic tumblers. Norlan had to think about the ideal way of savoring your favorite drink, sans the flaws of current available choices.

So, the company has created a hybrid-designed glass, meant to bring together the best qualities of the archetypal tumbler and snifter, while also improving scent delivery. The Norlan whisky glass features a patent pending feature which increases the rate of oxidization within the glass significantly.

A series of specially positioned fins agitate the liquid, creating ocean-like waveforms that release the ethanol vapors more quickly and allow the drinker – that’s you – to enjoy the desirable flavor.

Norlan Whisky Glass

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