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The new Nano single-seater plane was unveiled

Those addicted to adrenaline who dream of flying on their own are going to be extremely happy when they see this. Nano is a cool single-seater plane meant to show the pleasures of single-flying to enthusiasts, eliminating any sorts of cargo or luggage.

You will, of course, need a pilot’s license in order to be able to pilot this plane, but it is all worth it. This real life pump of adrenaline consists of an extremely light, sleek hull that catches the eye the second it gets noticed. What best describes this creation is the word “success”.

The FlyNano packs a great load of greenness, as it is fully electric. The natural environment won’t even notice your presence, except the birds who will be able to look you into the eye. There’s absolutely no disturbance for those standing around the small aircraft, as being electric the noise level is kept minimum.

In addition, the power train vibration is reduced by the low speeds the plane’s propeller. You may purchase it as we speak. It’s up to you to check out the prices for it.



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