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The new Crystal Skye Aircraft Will Spoil You Like Never Before

Crystal Skye

An exquisitely outfitted Boeing 777-200LR, dubbed as Crystal Skye, has recently joined the expanding family of Crystal AirCruises, getting ready be christened in Las Vegas on August 12th. The gorgeous aircraft before you is actually the largest privately owned tour jet in the world, a plane that was specially designed for chartered service in the most exclusive and comfortable conditions.

Able to accommodate as many as 88 passengers, Crystal Skye’s refined features include the highest crew to passenger ratio of any twin-aisle aircraft and an impressive non-stop range of 19.5 hours.

Also worth mentioning are the bespoke Crystal Exclusive Class seats, that could convert to 180-degree lie-flat beds, the social lounge with stand-up bar fosters, stone veneers and colored LED lighting, the cozy sofas and many other premium details.

Crystal Skye

An executive chef will charm passengers with exquisite cuisine in two state-of-the-art galleys, while a special wine list, with over 300 vintages from the Crystal SkyeCellar, will make any dining experience even more enjoyable.

Designed in collaboration with Greenpoint Technologies, Crystal Skye benefits from the highest standards of excellence and luxury, thus resulting in a marvelous vision of the ultimate luxury flight experience. We’re sure you already have many special experiences and adventures added to your bucket list, but it’s always fun to add another, and flying with the Crystal Skye definitely fits the bill.

Crystal Skye


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