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The Montecarlo furniture collection by Tonino Lamborghini

By Adrian Prisca


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If you like luxurious and cozy sofas and you also love cars, then Tonino Lamborghini prepared something especially for you, a new furniture collection inspired by the comfort and style of the Italian cars called the Montecarlo furniture line. These sofas are extremely beautiful and could be the focal point of any room in your house.

Just as the parts mounted in cars, the collection sports a generous usage of Kevlar and carbon fiber, in both the sofas and armchairs it consists of. Furthermore, the focal points of the collection are actually the sofas, with rich and lively colors, or interesting combinations of tones. Decked in leather, they can be painted only in red and black, with white tones from here to there.

They surely won’t go unnoticed in your home. Guests could even make you quite jealous if sitting on them.

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