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The Monocoque Palle Canoe is One of a Kind

Monocoque Palle Canoe

Carbon fiber seems to be everywhere right now, but this is a world’s first. Italian design studio BorromeodeSilva unveiled the Monocoque Palle Canoe, a one-off masterpiece blending the traditional canoe design with contemporary technology and high-end materials.

The hull for instance is a unique combination of copper-woven carbon fiber that even flickers under the sunlight and bespoke teak wood, while the superb teak surface was hand laid by the people from Maestri d’Ascia, one of the most renowned artisanal crafts in Genova.

It’s a statement of fine craftsmanship, sharp aesthetics and technology that serves beauty, and these are also the values BorromeodeSilva stands for. The Monocoque Palle Canoe is just one of their extraordinary releases.

Monocoque Palle Canoe

This innovative canoe has already won a Land Rover Born Design award, for good reason. The canoe’s streamlined design allows the oars to be tucked on the side, and if you think the entire design could be even better, it is worth mentioning that BorromeodeSilva is currently working on integrating a small electric motor on this beauty.

Well, that should brighten up your day, although that Land Rover above should be also part of the package. Once again, we don’t have any word on price-tags yet, but we’re sure BorromeodeSilva will release more details about this stunning canoe to anyone who’s interested in buying it.

Monocoque Palle Canoe


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