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The McQueen Parfum Teases Us With A Brand New Scent

By Victor Baker


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McQueen Parfum

Alexander McQueen is launching its own fragrance line and the first scent to tease our senses has been simply called the McQueen Parfum. Inspired by the craftsmanship of haute perfumery, the British luxury brand came up with a fragrance based on Gothic genetics and dark beauty.

Its scent boasts a mix of ingredients that bloom and attract pollinators at night, such as Sambac jasmine, tuberose and ylang-ylang, which even sound amazing when you think a little. Presented in a lovely gold-feathered bottle, this fragrance is truly one of a kind due to its erotic connotations of the notes.

McQueen Parfum

Antiqued and decorative packaging are also part of the overall charm and appeal. The heavy black glass bottle is adorned with antiqued gold feathers around the neck, a gold base and a lacquered cap. There’s also a tiny book, which enlightens the user about the origins and qualities of each note from the mix.

Encased in two boxes, with the inner one made from black velvet and and the outer box made of black, feather-embossed cardboard, the exquisite bottle of perfume comes with a $385 price-tag. The McQueen Parfum will be available exclusively at Harrods, starting today.

McQueen Parfum

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