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The MB&F Sherman ‘Happy Robot’ Clock Is a Limited Edition You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

By Victor Baker


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MB&F Sherman

Just when you think the brilliant people behind the Swiss watchmaker MB&F couldn’t possibly  take us by surprise with a more impressive project than before, they manage to accomplish the impossible. Their newest robot-inspired clock was developed in collaboration with clock-maker L’Epée, and was dubbed MB&F Sherman.

The smaller brother of the 2015 MB&F Melchior clock, Sherman is the friendly robot which comes with half the price-tag of a MB&F Melchior clock, which is not bad considering we’re dealing with a limited-edition series.

Featuring a diamond-set model, the complex clock robot has no exotic complications and time is displayed in a traditional two-hand clock-style dial. Just like Melchior, the “brain” area features a mineral glass dome, which allows the balance wheel and regulation system of the mechanical timekeeping desk clock to be visible at all times.

MB&F Sherman

Designed by MB&F, Sherman’s body and movement are fully produced by Swiss L’Epée. Speaking of which, the movement has an 8 days power reserve and is comprised of 148 parts, operating at a steady frequency of 2.5 Hz (18,000 bph).

MB&F Sherman’s “eye sockets” is where you insert the winding key in case you want to wind or adjust the clock. Produced from brass, the silver-colored MB&F Sherman is plated in palladium and nickel, while the gold-plated one is not to be ignored. There’s also a diamond-set model boasting 735 diamonds around the head region that will surely please certain customers.

MB&F will produce three limited edition versions of the MB&F Sherman, for a total of 450 units – 200 clocks plated in palladium, 200 pieces in yellow gold and another 50 pieces set with diamonds. The palladium or gold-plated versions will set you back 13,800 Swiss Francs, while the diamond-set unit will sell for 33,000 Swiss Francs.

MB&F Sherman

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