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The Marvelous Figurado Creation Privee Will Inspire You

By Victor Baker


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Figurado Creation Privee

It’s safe to say that not everyone’s handwriting is beautiful, but I think anyone would easily be inspired by this stylish creation. Montblanc has reached new heights in imagining and designing one-of-a-kind products with the Figurado Creation Privee, which was created from fragile tobacco leaves.

Inspired by its owner’s passion for cigars, the Figurado was meant to mirror exactly the shape and look of an exceptional cigar, with the cap and barrel of the writing instrument being covered in the finest cigar leaves.

New techniques were explored to bring this wonderful pen to life as the brand had to come up with ways of extracting the oil from the leaves before masterfully wrapping them around the metal body of the fountain pen.

Figurado Creation Privee

Similar to an authentic cigar, the Figurado shows off a custom-designed banderol alongside the finest materials, not to mention a retractable gold nib, a precious tourmaline in the cone, white gold fittings set with tourmaline stones and a Montblanc diamond on the cap top.

Even a special humidor-style presentation box was crafted from the finest wood with a glass viewing panel to preserve the very special fountain pen.

The Figurado is safely stored inside a dedicated compartment, alongside a collection of rare cigars, and an assortment of handcrafted accessories. Part of this incredible package are also a traditional cigar holder, a tobacco leaf lighter and an ashtray. No clues on price-tags, as this is still a one man’s treat.

Figurado Creation Privee

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