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The Marrs Electric Cycles are hand built

By Adrian Prisca


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The Marrs Electric Cycles have been described by many specialists in the field as the hot rods of clean energy. They have been manufactured as to be something different, to make radical changes in people’s approach to road cruising.

The bikes were designed, developed and manufactured by Marrs Cycles, a brand based in Southern California. They focused on the idea of providing uniquely new experiences to motorcycle cruising enthusiasts in places where motorcycles aren’t exactly allowed. Furthermore, they were based on designs related to the expertise of hot rodders, custom fabricators and motorcycle builders.

The Marrs Electric Cycles, including today’s Marrs M-1, were built from the finest materials in the business entirely by hand thanks to businessman and hot rod enthusiast Brad Fanshaw alongside Kacy Marrs, the conceptualist behind the Marrs bicycles/motorcycles.

For example, the handlebars, forks and frame of the Marrs Electric Cycles were crafted from 4130 chromoly tubing, with additional specially manufactured filler panels and dropouts. The bikes also boast arrays of motorcycle quality parts that add ruggedness and style to their design.

In addition, the builders have reportedly equipped the bikes with 3-piece pedal crank sets and hydraulic disc brakes, alongside a brushless 3-phase DC rear-hub engine driven by a 48 V / 20 AH lithium battery controlled by a computer. As for the location of these aforementioned components, they’re being housed by an air-cooled aluminium battery box. All in all, the bike weighs just 140 lbs and measures 36 inches from handlebar to the ground.

The Marrs Electric Cycles are also available with custom parts, and are capable of supporting riders of 175 lbs at speeds of 20 to 25 mph on ranges of around 20 miles, upon flat terrain.


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