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The magical Elfje Sailing Yacht will take your breath away


The Elfje sailing yacht might just be a game-changer, designed by the talented team at Hoek Design Naval Architects to be elegant and cruise the seven seas in comfort and at fast speeds. The Hoek Design studio teamed up with Redman Whiteley Dixon to introduce the ultimate performance sailing yacht, a structural and technical marvel that could be easily considered a modern classic.

Providing passengers with a comfortable, eco-friendly environment, Elfje features provisions storage as well as advanced, reliable equipment onboard. Its interiors boast low freeboards and deckhouses, resulting in a clutter free and efficient hands-on sailing environment. The vessel’s clean flush teak deck, set on top of a custom soft-grey hull,hints towards an old-school pilot cutter.

Elfje passengers may enjoy several social areas; for instance, the cockpit is where 8 guests will experience the ultimate dining experience while at anchor, around a large foldable table. Furthermore, guests may also relax in a wind-free setting on one of the four separate L-shaped sofas, or in the private aft cockpit which includes an U-shaped sunpad, a small breakfast table and a two deck couch.

I think you got the picture by now; this vessel blends all your favorite activities in a sublime manner, proving that life on the high seas is worth living.

With the intention of racing Elfje in sailing regattas, the yacht has been optimized to be able to cruise fast and also operate at a professional level with a team of skilled sailors on board. Advanced hydraulic sail handling systems designed to be fast and efficient have been installed to achieve this. Two beautifully designed helm stations not only serve as the yacht’s command centre, but with their elegant design, they will certainly prove to be a key discussion topic at meal times out in the main cockpit.


Redman Whiteley Dixon and the team at Pod Interior Style paid special attention to the interior design, giving this lovely sailing yacht a great feeling of spaciousness and mobility on board. The light color scheme is beautifully complemented by the darker European walnut flooring, while the curved shapes in staircases, passageways and meeting areas, along with the specially designed furniture comprised from a selection of exclusive materials such as silk and velvet remind you this is not a competition.

Elfje’s piece de resistance is probably the master suite, where a private corridor leading forward and a staircase leading up to the owner’s deckhouse assures privacy. Furthermore, a custom glass topped ‘oculus’ table designed for viewing marine life, even at night, will definitely keep you up until dawn. Guests and cre members may take a nap inside three other cabins, a double, twin and a flex cabin.

Elfje will travel way further than you could ever imagine, because it’s been fitted with a series of efficient generators, battery banks and main propulsion system. With an ingenious method to powering up the vessel, fuel efficiency can be achieved. Cruising at 10 knots allows Elfje to reach 3690nm. Dreaming of a class-act is easy, drawing it requires talent, but building the Elfje sailing yacht is an incredible feat.




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