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The Luxury Naibor Private Retreat in Kenya

Naibor Retreat Kenya

The luxury private retreat Naibor is located in the heart of the Massai Mara in Kenya and offers its guests a chance to enjoy a unique experience in the wild. Naibor is a wonderful resort which has seven spacious tents that are carefully positioned amongst the trees so that guests are granted the utmost privacy.

You might think living in a tent isn’t something rich and famous would do but these tents are as stylish as the rooms from some of the world’s best hotels and every tent is complete with its own shady verandah, wool rugs, king size beds and many other goodies for a perfect night.

This beautiful retreat also has a private tented house called Little Naibor made up of two spacious suites which were uniquely designed to blend in effortlessly with the surrounding riverine forest.



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