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The lovely Kempinski Palace Portoroz hotel in Slovenia

By Adrian Prisca


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Even though this hotel is not as legendary as others in Europe, it looks too awesome for Luxatic to not describe it accordingly. So, here we have the Kempinski Palace Portoroz, from Slovenia, a place where business meets pleasure and luxury meets exquisiteness.

This gorgeous hotel provides impressive views of the Adriatic Sea and the Istrian countryside, a magnificent land renowned for its culture, monuments, traditions and people. Portoroz (correctly spelt Portorož), stands for “the Port of Roses” and has been an important tourist attraction since thousands of years ago.

An interesting fact about the area is that it used to be a summer and winter resort for Benedictine monks back in the 13th century, who used to treat visitors with salts and seawater. The waters were later taken over by the richest Europeans of the 19th century. Staggeringly, the history of the place is now depicted on the hotel’s rooms and suites.

All you need to do is press the latch of your private room and voila! – behold the beauty! Also don’t forget to tell your friends about this Slovenian luxury getaway. It would be a pity not to share the experience with them, provided that Kempinski Palace Portoroz engulfs you in luxury, state of the art materials, cozy furnishing and an extremely relaxing atmosphere.

No wonder this hotel actively serves as destination to many foreigners, from all across Europe. Let’s not forget the culinary side of the pleasure, as the executive chef here, at Portoroz, is ready to boast with his unique dishes.

There’s also one more important reason that should help you bear in mind this private hotel – it is one of the most beneficial therapeutic destinations in Europe, providing mud baths and sea-salt treatments.


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