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The Loft Audio Console Will Get You In The Mood For Blues

By Victor Baker


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Loft Audio Console

We don’t necessarily want to get you in a blues mood, but that’s the first thing our mind goes to upon hearing about a brand new audio console – Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, B.b. King and more seem to make up for a bad day, at least for us. Regardless of your music taste, Wrensilva has recently unveiled the Loft audio console, a fresh take on the good old record console, that seems like the proper way to appreciate artists and fine music right now.

Boasting all the capabilities for which the company’s classic, full-size consoles are well-known, the Loft was handcrafted in San Diego and packs a 300 watts per channel Wrensilva amplifier, as well as SONOS functionality, with two incredible Wrensilva 2-way bass reflex monitor speakers acting as a match made in heaven.

Loft Audio Console

But this new audio console is basically capable of connecting to any system, with its clean, pre-amp audio output jacks, delivering those high-quality sounds we all crave for. There are obviously more details or pics to go on, but for now, you should know that the Loft, as a standalone unit, costs $2,999 and the Loft plus the two Monitor Speakers will set you back $4,498.

The only thing left to do right now is to decide what the first record or song will be – first auditions are always the most incredible ones.

Loft Audio Console

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