The Lilium Jet Will Soon Offer Electrifying Experiences

Lilium Jet

The Lilium Jet is set to become the world’s first entirely electric jet in the near future, and if that doesn’t sound exciting, just wait a second. Aside from zero emissions, this uber cool plane also brags about vertical takeoff and landing capabilities or VTOL.

Lilium will be able to fly at altitudes of about 9,800 feet with just two people on board, while cruising at speeds of 180 mph. The top speed stands at 250 mph and the official range is said to be 300 miles, which makes it a good competitor for Tesla, even though we’re talking about something completely different.

The innovative electric jet uses a series of tiltable electric engines that generate a total of 435 hp to get to that impressive speed, while steering and navigation is done through a computer-assisted control system. The owners would only need a Sport Pilot License (SPL) to enjoy their plane.

Lilium Jet

Stylish, fast and environmentally conscious, the Lilium Jet will also be able to fold back its wings and be driven on the roads, just like as a car. The concept is still under development, by Lilium Aviation, a company that was founded only last year by four talented people at the Technical University of Munich, in Germany.

The funds for this stunning electric jet project come in from the European Space Agency and the European Union’s Climate-KIC program and in just two years, in 2018, Lilium is planning to finish this jet, get the aircraft certification and launch it on the market as well by the and of the same year. Tesla never saw this coming!

Lilium Jet