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The Khaleesi Skyscraper Could Take Over New York’s Skyline

By Victor Baker


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Khaleesi Skyscraper

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Designed by the famed New York architect Mark Foster Gage, the Khaleesi skyscraper is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before – in real life or your wildest dreams. Boasting a unique blend of old and new, this extraordinary 102-storey tower proposed for the New York city skyline features Gothic sculptural elements and more than enough wings to make you go gaga.

Keeping in line with current architectural standards, while also trying to stand out of the pack, the designer of this incredible tower has made an extensive use of glass, with a couple of jaw dropping gargoyles that make a stance on the building’s facade.

Khaleesi Skyscraper

Khaleesi seems to put out an awesome steampunk vibe, considering it’s planned to be built with the aid of limestone-tinted concrete panels and sheet-bronze details. The building has been designed to break the monotony of the current NYC skyline, and I doubt anyone can deny that.

Moreover, shopping boutiques on the 64th floor with access to a sky lobby will give people the chance to put that statement to the test. If this impressive skyscraper ever gets built, you’ll just have to wait for the pics and status updates; or, better yet, check it out yourselves.

Khaleesi Skyscraper


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