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The HYT H0 x Eau Rouge Focuses on the Essence of Life

HYT H0 x Eau Rouge

Two new incredible watches from HYT, dubbed as the H0 x Eau Rouge, are all set to make your day a lot more interesting – although the CHF 39,000 starting price might not be for anyone. The base concept of HYT Watches has always revolved around fluids, and this time a vivid red liquid reminds us all of the blood that runs through our veins, the source of life, if you will.

HYT has recently unveiled these bold versions of its “simplest’ creation so far, the H0, and everyone went crazy. Looking incredibly cool, while packing the same impressive movement, the same patented micro-fluidic module and the same indications on the dial, these watches focus on the fluidic indication of time.

HYT H0 x Eau Rouge

At the heart of the HYT H0 x Eau Rouge watches sits a hand-wound mechanical caliber with a 65-hour power reserve, hiding within an elegant 48.8 mm stainless steel case, that’s attached to a comfy rubber strap. The sub-collection before you comprises two new incredible watches, a light and dark version, brought to life by the vivid red fluid which helps you tell the time.

Satin-brushed and available in standard “silver” steel or anthracite DLC-coated steel, these gorgeous pieces display a monochromatic look that sets them apart from any other HYT H0. Apart from the red fluid, the crown, the rubber strap and the hands will most likely help you notice the difference, although your choice won’t be an easy one. Any thoughts or takers?

HYT H0 x Eau Rouge


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