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The Hypnosquid is a Jaw-dropping 207-Foot Superyacht Concept Inspired by a Cuttlefish

By Vlad Craciun


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The newest concept of the avant-garde Italian yacht designer Roberto Curtò is a mesmerizing 207-foot superyacht which drew its inspiration from a cuttlefish, a bug-eyed mollusk that’s part of the squid family. Titled Hypnosquid, this stunning yacht concept will surely make heads turn if it ever goes into production.

The Italian designer opened its studio back in 2004 in Rapallo and decided to create more unconventional projects, with inspiration from all the things and ideas that surprise or transmit emotions. Through its bluff-nosed bow, reminiscent of a cuttlefish head, and the brightly colored LED-ringed windows along the hull, the Hypnosquid seems indeed to resemble a cuttlefish, with its color-changing eyes.

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Hypnosquid should be very spacious, because it has accommodations for just 10 people, rather than the more typical 12 for a yacht of its size. The lucky owner of this cephalopod-themed yacht would get to enjoy a massive two-deck duplex suite, with the bedroom on the main deck connected to a private lounge and library downstairs through a grand staircase.

The yacht’s main level would also feature a full-beam lounge and a magical dining room that’s open to the galley, just like a Japanese steakhouse. In terms of power and construction, Hypnosquid will be a lightweight aluminum vessel, propelled through the water by four 2,600 hp MTU 16V 2000 M96L diesel engines, for a total of 10,400 hp!

That should be enough to take this beauty to a top speed of 30 knots and a decent 3,000 Nm transatlantic range. Roberto Curtò has teamed up with broker SuperYachtsMonaco to find a client for this innovative vessel, that’s expected to cost between $70 or $80 million to complete.

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