The Horizon 68 Yacht Is Ready to Hit The Open Seas

Horizon 68

The newest project from Horizon Yachts is called Horizon 68, a new sleek vessel designed with comfort, space and brightness in mind, which aims to make sailing the Seven Seas even more enjoyable, with the help of a modern layout, with airy and open spaces.

Even though it looks pretty small, this stunning yacht shows off many impressive features, like a lovely bathing platform, an ergonomically designed wide staircase, as well as an over-sized sunbathing area.

The cockpit will accommodate up to 12 people, while the main salon will hold the same number of guests, impressing everyone with the amount of natural light that will surround passengers throughout the day. All windows have fully automated curtains, which makes for a comfortable cruise as well.

Horizon 68

The beautiful interiors of the Horizon 68 include three main sections, specifically a master suite with a large bathroom, walk-in closet and a desk, a central lobby that houses a shared bathroom and the kitchenette, and the high main salon.

I doubt anyone would leave that sunbathing area, especially if cold drinks are involved. Either way, the crew will do its best to accommodate passengers in any way, allowing them to dream big and live the same manner.

Horizon 68