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The Hand Painted Master & Dynamic MH40 Headphones

By Victor Baker


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Master & Dynamic MH40

The New York-based premium audio company Master & Dynamic has struck gold with its new MH40 Headphones last year, which proved to be a hit from day one. This year they’ve tried to come up with new ways to keep us excited about their products, unveiling an artsy limited run of their bespoke headphones, hand painted by Logan Real.

His artwork ended up decorating the new limited run collection, which comprises camouflage, graffiti, and a cool paint drip style. Starting off at $550, these special headphones will only be available at selected retail partners of Master & Dynamic, including Bergdorf Goodman Mens, Forty Five Ten, Opening Ceremony, Browns (London), Colette (Paris) and Restir (Tokyo), starting this November.

Master & Dynamic MH40

In case you want to hear a little more about the MH40 headphones, you should know that they’re more than a worthy competitor of Beats by Dre. The Master & Dynamic MH40 feature a closed-back, over the ear look, with 45 mm drivers and a 32 ohm impedance, responsible for a crystal clear sound.

They are a little heavier than most over the ear headphones you’ll find on the market, available with black or silver metalwork, with all kinds of fine leathers. They feel super solid and they’re also extremely functional, with a metal mute button located on the right ear cup, two superflexible cables and many other goodies.

The hand painted Master & Dynamic MH40 headphones just feature an extra touch of style to an already amazing design.

Master & Dynamic MH40

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