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The Futuristic Copern 50M Yacht Takes your Breath Away

Designed by Dani Santa, the sleek Copern Yacht represents 50 meters of pure, uncompromising and futuristic lines, meant to boldly take passengers where no one has ever been before: on the cruise of their lives. Part of a new trend in yacht design, this vessel can easily be characterized as a sporty yacht, featuring soft and flowing lines that just seem perfect for high speeds.

Details are a bit sketchy on the technical side, such as engine power, noise or cruising speed, but surely the gallery below hints towards a silent, enjoyable cruise with speeds exceeding all expectations.

Designed to combine high performance at any speeds with outrageous comfort, the Copern yacht will offer all the amenities needed to make it the perfect yacht, no matter what you have in mind. Its sleek design was actually inspired by fluid and organic shapes, found throughout nature.

Furthermore, the designer thought about optimizing the spaces within the cabin, making them functional and comfortable. For instance, the yacht’s sundeck, as well as the complete bridge, protected by hard top with sunroof, are exquisite and beyond words.

And have I mentioned the 180 degrees views you could get from the cozy seating areas and even from the Jacuzzi? Incredible, isn’t it?



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