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The Final Edition of URWERK’s Iconic UR-210 is a Visual Treat


All good things come to an end, but sometimes better things are just around the corner. URWERK has unveiled the final edition of its iconic UR-210, a remarkable sci-fi-inspired timepiece, with a unique design that shows the time in a way no other watchmaker does. Premiered in 2012 at Baselworld, the UR-210 was probably the essence of the innovative Swiss watch brand.

The new URWERK UR-210 Final Edition celebrates this modern icon with a stunning case in titanium and steel with black PVD coating, complemented by a superb black and ruthenium-coated dial, with contrasting lume-filled red numerals, green and orange indexes and an elegant black alligator leather strap. The Final Edition will be produced in just seven pieces, each of them priced at 137,000 CHF.

The UR-210 features numerous innovations that made it extremely sought after. First, this watch boasts one of the largest retrograde systems ever made. It’s a complex mechanism that docks with the hour satellites, while showing the minutes too. You can’t notice the sheer complexity of this retrograde system just by looking at it, you have to listen to it flying back from 60 to 0. It has a sharp “clack” sound that signals the begging of each hour.


URWERK’s timekeeping marvel also features a brand new type of automatic winding efficiency indication that shows whether the user has generated enough power in the last two hours to keep the mainspring sufficiently wound. As you move more and more, this efficiency indicator goes further to the green side.

Another interesting feature of the UR-210 is the special turbine regulation automatic system that’s inspired by the complex regulators used in grand sonnerie movements. Even the sapphire crystal glass that covers this magical dial has a complex shape, that’s why it’s framed by a protective band.

With its large and provocative design, the futuristic UR-210 has been appreciated by numerous celebrities, including Ralph Lauren and Michael Jordan. But even true watch lovers like the renowned Swiss watchmaker Philippe Dufour have been seen wearing this beauty on their wrist.



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