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The Fendi Jungle Sunglasses Collection Takes You Into The Wild

By Victor Baker


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Fendi Jungle Sunglasses

Probably thinking about the scouts motto – be prepared – Fendi has decided to head out to the jungle, to get some fashion inspiration for the brand’s newest collection of sunglasses. Unveiled just a couple of days ago, the new collection includes six pairs of wonderful sunglasses, each of them showing off a brightly colored camouflage print on the frame.

The Fendi Jungle Sunglasses will be available in two different frames, a partially framed cat-eye design and a more traditional full frame, both of them looking ridiculously cool and leaving everyone wanting more. We feel a 1960s vibe coming out from the pictures, right?

Fendi Jungle Sunglasses

Inspired by Roman Maison’s graphic patterns and daring color combinations, the new Fendi sunglasses are all about graphic color inserts and the resulting contrast between the colored and the see through portions of the frame make these sunglasses extremely eye catching.

These jungle inspired shades might just be the finishing touch of your summer vacation, or late afternoon tea time. Being prepared is not a bad idea, although these sunglasses were not meant for combat, but a different kind of action.

Fendi Jungle Sunglasses

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