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The Famous Grouse is the world’s largest bottle of whisky

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This is quite an interesting story and a fine record, for connoiseurs. A small city in Scotland called Crieff was the setting where the world record for the largest bottle of whisky has been awarded. Scottish booze lovers’ favorite whisky, The Famous Grouse, has earned the sought after title by presenting a bottle of whisky containing no less than 228 liters of tipple, as the brand celebrates its 107th year in the field.

Measuring 5 feet 5 inches in height, the whisky glass bottle was specially commissioned from Bomma, renowned Czech glass manufacturer, the only glass fabricator able to manufacture a bottle of this staggering size. It has then travelled in excess of 1,200 miles from a city near Prague called Svetla to Crieff.

The filling process has taken around three hours, with the aid of a few VIP guests and fans who attended the event. Considering that the bottle holds the equivalent of 9,120 drams of whisky, we’re wondering how many enthusiasts would it take and how long till it gets emptied. It is worth mentioning that the previous record was held by Jack Daniel’s bottle containing 184 liters of whisky.

The Director of The Famous Grouse, Glen Gribbon, mentioned that “we have been gearing towards this momentous day for a long time and it’s been extremely nerve-wrecking for all involved. We are so thrilled to bring this record to the home of Scotch whisky and are relieved that it’s now official – we have the biggest bottle of whisky in the world!”

Their monstrous creation is now exposed at The Famous Grouse Experience so that enthusiasts and fans can check it out.


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