The Elegant Conrad 115 Lunar

Lunar 1

Polish shipyard Conrad debuted this superyacht called Lunar at last year’s Festival de la Plaisance, in Cannes. This beautiful, 35.3 meters long boat is as modern as they get, a look specifically requested by her owner. To this end, Conrad collaborated with German and Dutch designers Newcruise and Vripack. What they’ve come up with is a contemporary, luxurious boat with light and airy interiors – a true jewel of the ocean.

Lunar’s facilities would not be out of place in the most luxurious mansion or resort. The light, spacious and airy living and main saloon are perfect for simply relaxing. Not to mention the Jacuzzi located on the fore deck, a great place to relax in the sun when the yacht is at anchor. Belowdecks there are the equally luxurious owner’s private quarters, and also accommodations for guests (all in all, the boat can accommodate up to a company of 10).

Even with all this emphasis on luxury, performance has not been sacrificed at all. With its two powerful engines and large fuel tanks, Lunar is perfectly equipped for long journeys on the high seas, in any weather conditions.

With its modern look and extravagant, yet tasteful amenities, Lunar is quite an exceptional ship. Wherever its journeys make take her, she will undoubtedly be there in style.

Lunar 8

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