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The Devon Tread 1 Exoskeleton Watch

By Adrian Prisca


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Just like vertebrate organisms need a skeletal system for stability and locomotion, so do creepy crawlies – this is the exoskeleton, differing from the skeleton through chemical composition and overall positioning.

Unlike vertebrates, whose skeleton is found deep within the body, made of calcium, magnesium phosphorus and other minerals, insects rely on an exterior shell, the exoskeleton, mostly composed of keratin. Putting biology aside, here’s the Devon Tread 1 Exoskeleton wristwatch, a magnificently manful timepiece courtesy of Devon Works founder and entrepreneur Scott Devon.

Connoisseurs know that this is actually the third version of the Tread 1, following the previously unveiled highly customizable original version and Steampunk-themed one. This edition boasts with high levels of transparency, which is also pretty obvious on the strap. You’d probably think: Whoa, there’s a huge quantity of sapphire crystal into this watch! But you couldn’t be more wrong, as the material is in fact scratch resistant, bullet proof and anti-reflective polycarbonate.

The original Tread 1 can’t really be categorized as a specifically stylish watch, as we can’t even decide which style it belongs to. The Exoskeleton edition, though, is futuristic, is rough, high-tech and I tend to think it boasts with some degree of elegance as well. Updates will follow, so stay tuned!


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